The Gorakh Hill Station is again in the news. Different aspects of this mega project have been discussed, suggestions extended and clarifications made in the media debate. Recently, the provincial Minister for Culture Ms Sassui Palejo informed the people that upon her urging, President Zardari has included this mega project in to the list of major development schemes to be launched at the federal level. Thus, one of the major stumbling block apparently seems removed and an assurance has been made about the release of funds for the project from the share of federal government. Among other issues relating to the implementation of the project is inclusion of the local opinion. The past experience shows that the main reason for delays in different development projects, besides official anomalies, is not respecting the opinion/input from the locals. On May 25, 2008, Village Shadabad, a local NGO published a special report on Gorakh wherein local experts including Professor Sain Bux Rind, Aziz Kingrani, Hakim Ali Shah Bukhari, Hameed Soomoro, Nasir Ali Panhwar, myself and others extended their opinion and discussed different aspects of the project. These people have studied the project for years and visited Gorakh several times and are well aware of its potential and pitfalls. Ms Sassui Palejo should consult these local experts in planning of the project. -GULSHER PANHWER, Johi, Dadu, via e-mail, June 11.