LAHORE Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muham-mad Sharif on Tuesday hearing a suo moto into police baton-charging on protesting women in Gujranwala, said that lawbreakers can not be tolerated either in media or whosoever. I was not even afraid of Musharraf, I will have to surrender before Allah Almighty only, I could not tolerate any lawbreaker, Chief Justice further observed. The CJ had taken suo moto on Tuesday morning and summoned Regional Police Officer Gujranwala Range and other police officers concerned the same day. The suo moto was taken on a news item published in an English newspaper reporting that on June 22 Mst Rashida along with her five daughters, two sons and other relatives gathered outside the DIG office, Gujranwala to lodge a protest. A criminal case for the murder of her husband was registered against an ex-army man but the police instead of arresting nominated criminals lodged a case against the widow and daughter of the victim. When the protestors tried to meet the DIG the police personnel started baton charging them indiscriminately. Allegedly the bones of three ladies were fractured and most of them bathed in the pool of blood at the hands of policemen, the news item said. Appearing before the court, the RPO Zulfiqar Cheema firstly conceded that it was an unfortunate incident as police could have handled the situation amicably. He informed the court that four police officials have been suspended owing to torture on the protesting women. On this statement, the Chief Justice got infuriated and asked the RPO that had he ever punished any police officer except suspending constables. CJ warned the RPO against making low rank officials as escape-goat rather to take action against the responsible top police officers under whom directions the baton charge was carried out. During the course of hearing SHO concerned complained to the Chief Justice about alleged biased reporting by a media group and flaring the subject matter without any reason. Additional Advocate General Hanif Khatana, present in the court, also endorsed this complaint. The Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif lambasted the said media group through one of its correspondents present in the court. Media should show both sides of picture without favouring or criticizing anyone, he advised, adding that the court could not tolerate violation of law. The correspondent of the said media group complained to the Chief Justice that police had snatched the cameras of his colleagues in Gujranwala, which should be recovered, however, the CJ did not issue any order in this regard. The Chief Justice directed the RPO to hold inquiry himself into the incident of police torture and bring the real culprits to the book. He also directed the RPO to ensure medical treatment to the injured women and report to court on July 2.