Pakistan hopes that a high-level U.N. conference aimed at tackling the global economic meltdown would help developing countries cope with its adverse impacts, the Pakistani delegation chief said Tuesday. Syed Salim Raza, who is the governor of Pakistans State Bank, underscored the importance of the three-day United Nations Conference on World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development, which opens in New York on Wednesday. The gathering of delegates from around the world, he said, would consider devising a roadmap for reforming the global economic and financial architectures. Conference sources have indicated that most of the elements in the outcome document have been agreed upon and intense negotiations were continuing to develop consensus on the rest of the points. Raza, the Pakistan chief delegate, said that like always, Pakistan would play a constructive role in the deliberations. He is expected to address the conference on Friday, its concluding day. He will also meet head of delegations from other countries. The conference will also hold four roundtables to examine and overcoming the world financial and economic crises and its impact on development.