KARACHI - The decision of Balochistan government to shift provincial capital, Quetta, to Gwadar for 4 months during the coming winter season seems impracticable as it will cost some Rs1 billion in terms of expenditures to the province, The Nation has learnt. It was learnt that the Chief Minister of Balochistan is going to put this advice in cabinet that the provincial capital will be shifted to Gwadar in coming winter which includes health, education, public health sector and many others out of total 26 provincial departments. This is going to cost the already crunched provincial government a huge economic loss and it will also thin out the economic future of the coastal area, moreover, it will displace thousands of government servants for 4 months just to facilitate the South of the province without considering the East, West, and other parts of Balochistan. Raisani has announced that not only this shifting to be held every year but also a new port is to be built probably at Urmara, and both of the projects have created confusion among the people of the province and business community. Its not logical and not a good adventure for the province which is already inflicted from financial crunch, and if the government has decided on such shifting the decision should not be unilateral but with consensus, said Sardar Shaukat, chairman, Balochistan Economic Forum. The govt should rather direct the departments concerned to actively take part in the development of the province, as it is interesting that the commissioner of Gwadar sits in Turbat which is some 100 kilometres away from Gwadar, moreover, the high ups of the fisheries dont sit in Quetta which is a hub for fisheries, he added. Shaukat proposed to the government to heed on the development of Gwadar by taking measures which include encouraging private sector to take part in the progress of the province, political elite of the province should be made available for the development of the province, and traders should be convinced to start their businesses at Gwadar. The infrastructure at Gwadar should be established especially railway, airport, and roads which will help prosper the province rather shifting Capital every year, he added. The people of the area are also worried by such decision of the provincial government and termed it impractical and just to create hurdles for the common man instead of providing them relief. They said that the federal and provincial governments should not create confusion by taking such decisions. It is pertinent to mention that the previous government had also announced establishing another port at Gwadar which resulted in fall of land prices at Gwadar, and the people could yet not rebate from those huge losses done by adventurous announcement.