ISLAMABAD (APP) - Following the principle of equal implementation of law, the policemen of Islamabad Traffic Police on Tuesday fined their own chief, Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Dr Sultan Azam Temuri for violating speed limit on Jinnah Avenue. Police sources said that SSP (Traffic) Dr Temuri was heading towards McDonald on his official vehicle, driven by his driver to inspect the polio point established there. Two police officials, checking speed through radars, stopped his vehicle and told the driver about the over-speeding and issued a fine ticket to him. The speed limit on Jinnah Avenue (F-8 to F-10) is 70 kilometre per hour but the driver of the SSPs vehicle was driving it at 84 kilometre per hour. The SSP admitted the speed violation and accepted the ticket. He also awarded Rs 1000 to each of the two police officials and also warned his driver.