ISLAMABAD (Online) - Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that the inquiry into the killing of Qari Zainuddin has been ordered, adding that the murder could be the result of personal enmity. Talking to mediamen in front of the Parliament House on Tuesday, the Interior Minister said that it is premature to say who is behind the killing of Qari Zainuddin. He said that terrorists wanted to destabilise the country and we wont let them succeed in their heinous designs. He said that anyone who is on the side of the govt, the extremists target them and the killing of Sarfaraz Naeemi is such an example. He said such cowardly act couldnt deter govts resolve in dealing with militants. Urging India not to doubt Pakistans commitment to Mumbai attacks, Malik said that more questions in this regard would be sent to Indian government within two days. He said Pakistan offered unconditional support to India regarding 26/11 but the other side has also to cooperate with us. He said that the Pakistans legal experts were examining the statement of Ajmal Kasab. Rehman Malik said that both Pakistan and India are two nuclear powers, adding that the world should accept Pakistan as a nuclear state. Asked about whereabouts of Maulana Fazalullah, the minister said that there were unofficial reports that he was injured, adding that Baiutullah Mahsud is on run but no trace has been found yet. Commenting on IDPs, he said that the rehabilitations process has been started in Swat and police were back in the area.