Mian Shahbaz Sharifs decision to bring his assets abroad back to Pakistan deserves unqualified praise and acknowledgement. It is hoped that the countrys political leaders as well as all those who have stacked their wealth, whether in the form of cash or property, in foreign lands would follow suit. The Punjab Chief Minister has come forward disclosing details of his assets and his plan to transfer them to the country. There is a perception and indeed for all the right reasons that our politicians, barring a few exceptions, have secretly stashed their assets, perhaps made through unfair means, in foreign countries something that only exposes their double standards. Shifting property and wealth abroad is an easy way of evading taxes they owe to the state and therefore by definition they are law breakers. If, on the other hand, the untaxed money one estimate puts it at a staggering figure of $200 billion outside the country is brought back, it can solve a number of problems of the cash-strapped Pakistan. This amount is much more than our total debt. If used to boost the economy, it would generate enough funds to avert any danger of default on external monetary commitments. The economy will thrive and most important of all, dependence on foreign donors like IMF will end. The present inflation and poverty trap are to a considerable extent the result of the cruel and anti-people policies of IMF the government has to follow. Raising the fuel and electricity prices every now and then and unjust taxation inflicted on the masses are just some of the examples. A concerted effort will be required to bring this money back to the country as quickly as possible. These are unprecedented times when the national kitty is in dire need of capital and the affluent classes and politicians who have accounts in foreign countries ought to come forward and transfer their wealth to Pakistan.