KUWAIT CITY - Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on Thursday stressed he is still "as willing as ever to cooperate with all parties for the best interest of the homeland and the Kuwaiti people." The premier's remarks came following the rejection of a non-cooperation motion at parliament earlier in the day. "Now that we are turning a new page and putting the interpellation behind us, having engaged in our discussions and deliberations in a spirit of brotherly responsibility, I am pleased with the trust renewed in me and ready and willing to continue to do my duty as head of cabinet." "Faced with the interpellation motion, I had opted for transparency to lay all the facts before the representatives of the Kuwaiti people, although I was of the opinion the request was unconstitutional. "As I again stress my pleasure over renewed confidence in me, I pledge to exert even more effort to serve my countrymen, wishing them and my homeland prosperity and development, as ever." His Highness expressed appreciation for the support of MPs who accepted his explanations and responses in the interpellation and said their stand was a stand with right, with the Constitution, and with the Standing Order. "I shall forever appreciate this stance of putting public interest above all other considerations." "To those who were of opposing opinion, I still say my hand is extended in willingness to cooperate, and that the present circumstance requires that we all rise above our differences and focus on our shared desire to serve our country and our people." His Highness stressed, "I am now hopeful that we all put these issues behind us and start a new phase of cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities and one in which highest interest of the homeland is put above all other considerations."