PML-Q MNA Marvi Memon has resigned both from the National Assembly and the PML-Q over the party joining the government. Ms Memon, elected on a reserved seat for women, will not cause a by-election. However, she has paid the price of doing something which others in her party are also said to be doing: opposing the move from the Opposition to the Treasury. Ms Memons resignation would provide an example to other PML-Q members who would have been critical of their party making an alliance with the PPP. The coalition came about just before the budget, which Ms Memon mentioned as being unable to vote for in her resignation speech, and was meant to enable the government to get it passed to satisfy the IMF. The budgets passage might make the IMF happy enough to issue the held-back tranche of the loan to Pakistan, but it might not find it easy at all to make the people pay the taxes that have been imposed to meet the conditionalities of the IMF. Ms Memon set an example for all those MNAs who went along with their party leaders in their switch from opposing the government to that of joining it. Ms Memons resignation is not only noteworthy for the PPP because of the opposition to the budget it represents, but also because it shows it that allying with the PML-Q might not have been very sensible, because it was a party that was losing not only members but also MNAs, and that too after it had achieved office, something it had hankered for after losing it in the 2008 elections. It had then lost its patron, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, who formed his own party after leaving the Presidency. The PPP should perceive the irony that the party which they had allied with because of its numbers, is the one which should be losing them as a result of its steady disintegration. Under such circumstances, Ms Memon may well be justified in seeking a party with a future, which the PML-Q does not seem to have. It is not probable that Ms Memon would follow her father who had been a Minister under Musharraf, after having been a senior business executive and join the party of the former dictator. There are indications, though, that she may well seek her future in the Tehrik-i-Insaf of Imran Khan. For the moment, she has left not just the government but also the party in power without talking about her political future to make the passage of the budget smooth and given this as the reason for her resignation.