Pervez Musharraf in his article 9/11 - Could we have decided otherwise? has defended his decision, which is an unpardonable crime, of allying Pakistan with USA in the war on terror. The then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted to set up Kargil Commission to probe true facts and bring Musharraf to justice. Had Nawaz Sharif or Benazir Bhutto been in power after 9/11, the handling of the issue would have been different. The world was expecting bold steps from Pakistan but Musharraf did not bother to take political parties into confidence. Neither did he buy some time to develop political consensus. If Musharraf had shown courage, the world scenario would have been different. USA would not have invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq. Musharrafs alliance with America made Arabs fall like a ripe fruit into American lap. Unfortunately, Musharraf helped America establish its sway over the Muslim world. He only made a wrong decision and all his excuses shows his cowardice and incompetence. Barefooted Afghans faced the aggression and commando General then lost heart and became USAs ally. He was a dictator, lacked political support and feared toppling of his government. Therefore, he embraced USA to secure his undemocratic rule. It is imperative to understand American psychology first; Americans are the worst enemies of their friends and so kill them in friendly firing. They never confront with the enemy who is determined to fight against them. For instance, Iran and North Korea. North Korea has always defied US pressure against its nuclear programme and is continuing with its development. Given US presence in the region, Iran has completed its work on nuclear power plant. His argument make no sense that a USIndian collusion would obviously trample Pakistan to reach Afghanistan. Significantly, it was Pakistan and not India that could help America in the war against terror. So Americans succeeded in seeking Pakistans help. Did Musharraf got his concerns addressed by America? Certainly, the answer is in the negative. Instead, India and America started their covert operations inside Pakistan. Worse still, Kashmir issue was put to cold storage. USA launched a propaganda campaign against our nuclear programme. Humiliation of the architect of Pakistans nuclear programme at the hands of CIA is unpardonable. USA addressed Indian concerns and even did not give modern weapons to Pakistan to battle against the militants. His concern for economic gains are also false and not justified. Did Pakistan get its loans written off? Did our exporters get free access to European market and quota system of Europe and America, for Pakistan export, was abolished? As far as China is concerned, Pakistan could address its concern and seek its support against America. Taliban were not threat to China; it was CIA that was involved against China and the Chinense knew it well. The Afghan issue would have been referred to Security Council and there Pakistan could seek Chinas support easily. Hopefully, the impending war could be averted for a long time. After seeking Pakistan support, USA toppled the Taliban government and installed its own puppet government in Kabul. Initially, Musharraf undertook half hearted operations against militants as part of its strategy and continued with his support for Taliban. On the other hand, he handed over more than 500 Al-Qaeda or Taliban activists to America and earned dollars. Musharraf also restored the political system that was the continuation of his military dictatorship. Puppet prime minister and rubber stamp assembly strengthened his hands and consequently, weakened the political institutions. As time passed by, US gained control over issues and Musharrafs political control grew weaker. Also note that the present situation is not better than Musharrafs rule. The assembly appears to be a rubber stamp; its resolutions are not implemented and a handful people are running affairs of the state. Finally, Lal Masjid incident proved a mouse- trap for him that led to his downfall. Militants fighting against America turned their guns towards Pakistan. He pitched security forces against militants and put the territorial integrity at stake. It is rightly said: war is an art which cannot be left to the Generals. Rather than debating over Musharraf decision, now its more important to debate how Pakistan should get rid of US war and clutches aimed at Pakistan. Now the time has come either to confront with America or face destruction. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, June 21.