Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has decided to take back privileges from public-sector employees. The decision was taken during a special cabinet meeting in Islamabad on June 20. The privileges include free electricity, free air tickets, rebates in gas bills and free telephone calls. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) employees will not be able to enjoy the privilege of free tickets. We can merely express shock over the said unwise decision of the cabinet as such facilities are extended to the employees of various organizations through out the world. Since all IATA (International Air Transport Association) member Airlines have already agreed to extend free passage facilities to the employees of member Airlines throughout world for the last many decades; violating IATA rules would create bad name for Pakistan internationally. Previously, the same cabinet had decided to increase price of postal envelop from Rs 4 to 8 without considering the fact that it is poor people who are using the said facility whereas the ex-military dictator General (r) Musharraf did not dare to increase its price during his 9-year long tenure. Instead, I suggest to Prime Minister Gilani to start the good work from his home. He should voluntarily surrender all facilities extended to him and his family members, including free air travel to him and his family members domestic and abroad and also free accommodation. He should pay all expenditures from his own pocket, including the electricity bills and set an example for others. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, June 23.