ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched a 45 days vigorous campaign against the sellers of substandard food items and adulterators.

Talking to APP Health Officer CDA, Dr Hasan Orooj,who is supervising the operation said the main aim of the campaign is to ensure the provision of pure food items to the people before the advent of Holy month of Ramzan.

He said, the team was checking kitchens of restaurants, bakeries, sweet shops and other vendors. Broken utensils, crockery would not be accepted at any cost.

On Saturday the team has sealed Hafiz Bakers G-8/4 due to unhygienic conditions in kitchen and use of substandard oil. He said an average of 2500 per annum challans of various vendors are being issued. And 2000 samples are being collected for checking the use of any substandard item in edibles.

Responding to a question, he said the restaurants/bakers/sweet shops once caught selling substandard items restart their business after paying fine ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 5000.

A draft Bill had been sent to Parliament's Standing Committee for Human Rights in 2012 suggesting amendments in Pure Food Ordinance 1960 and ensuring severe punishments for food adulterators.

He said the vendors were using plastic/chemically treated containers to store drinking water. Dr Orooj issued immediate orders to replace them with stainless steel water tanks, safe for storage of drinking water.

Plastic water containers are banned in the world for reasons of bad effect on health, he remarked.

Some of the vendors wrap hot cooked food in plastic / polythene. The plastic bags / polythene sheets when interacts with hot food, releases toxins, which are carcinogenic (causing cancer), said Dr Orooj.

Chicken sellers have also been asked to use face-masks in order to avoid danger of transmission of bird diseases to humans. CDA health officer told vendors to cover edibles with glass frame.

He warned the food vendors selling cooked food, fruit chat, tea and chicken to follow the instructions of the CDA. Orooj said he would ensure the vaccination of vendors against contagious diseases, if they resist against inoculation, challans will be served and fines will be imposed on them.