ISLAMABAD  - Federal Government was informed by all the major intelligence agencies that if Pakistan Awami Tahreek Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri will be allowed to leave the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, he will proceed to Parliament House Islamabad instead of going to Lahore.
Sources privy to the development disclosed to TheNation that all the Federal Intelligence Agencies had informed the Federal government that if government didn't take any step against Qadri he would march on Parliament and it could create some major problems for the democratic government and the system.
The Federal Govt was afraid that if Qadri decided to march towards Federal Capital or stage dharna it would be unaffordable and it was in this backdrop that the govt had decided to stop to avoid some major showdown and expected loss to the innocent people who are religiously motivated and could do anything just on the call of their religious leader.
In another intelligence report which was submitted to the government it was feared that in case Dr Qadri would proceed to Lahore he could be targeted by militants and even a suicide attack on him was feared.
It was further revealed in the report that some two to three suicide bombers were also out to hit Qadri during his journey to Lahore.
According to the sources, thought Pakistan Army had distanced itself from the ongoing political situation, yet ISPR is monitoring the situation of Qadri episode.