Even if you have been driving for fifty years, without any accident, and suddenly kill someone, the law would try you for the crime. The same should apply to Shahbaz Sharif, whose arrogant claims of ‘good performance’ as Chief Minister of Punjab sounds hollow now. The actions, the world witnessed at Minhajul Quran, by PML-N government, for fifteen long hours, left no doubt as to Shahbaz Sharif’s’ criminal negligence. The Sharif’s are shamefully arrogant, cruel, and more despotic than any kings in history.

Both the brothers must resign for their horrendous crime. Let them also know that the nation thinks Rana Sanaullah’s resignation is a hoax to save their skin. The nation also feels that as long as the elder brother Nawaz Sharif is prime minister, he will protect Shahbaz Sharif. As such Supreme Court is requested to take immediate suo moto notice to bring both these perpetrators to justice.


Sahiwal, June 22.