A friend of mine lives in Texas (USA), a developed and progressive country. He has a residence, which has a covered area of 2500 square feet, this is kept centrally air conditioned round the clock by a 5 ton air-conditioner. He also has a deep-freezer, refrigerator, washing machine and a dishwashers and several other electric gadgets which his family uses all day long. His monthly electricity bill, during summers, has never exceeded Rs. 20,000 (US $ 200) per month. I live in Pakistan, a poor, underdeveloped country with very low salary and the rupee which has very little buying power. I have a 12 by 13 feet room, which I try to keep cool in this scorching heat, with one and a half ton air conditioner, which never runs for more than 8 hours a day, as there is hourly load shedding and my electricity bill is Rs. 24,000 a month!

This shows poor planning by our rulers over the last six decades because electricity, which is a secondary form of energy, can be produced almost free in our country. Our elected rulers cannot be blamed for this because they come into power for a short time, and even during this short tenure are kept intimidated by our powerful establishment. For as long as we continue to act as a proxy for other powers to keep regional power balance, all authority will remain with our establishment and our people will continue to be milked by them in all possible ways.


Multan, June 22.