Rawalpindi- Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid today said that Tahirul Qadri had come to Pakistan on his will but could not leave the country by his choice.

Talking to journalists after visiting wounded policemen here, the minister said that Qadri had ordered his followers and workers to attack on security forces. “Qadri through social media and telephone ordered his ‘rogue’ workers to attack security personnel, Allama has come to Pakistan by his choice but could not escape from the country by his own will and will have to face law and constitution as Pervez Musharraf facing it,” Rashid said.
He said police was deployed to protect international airport, passengers and Tahirul Qadri himself but PAT workers tortured policemen in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. “Mr. Qadri has been inciting his followers for a last couple of weeks to give bloodbath to anyone who comes in their way, and everyone witnessed it yesterday when his scoundrel tortured police personnel,” said the minister.
“Bones of heads, arms and legs of more than 100 policemen were broken by his hooligans who brutally tortured police with sticks and rods,” he said.
Rashid termed Qadri’s anti-government campaign an attempt to divert government’s attention from the ongoing military operation in North Waziristan.  “Those migrating from NWA are not very huge in strength. We can accommodate and facilitate those people very well. This is a country of 180 million people.”
Rashid said, “We will collar those who are spreading anarchy in the country , and we will facilitate to the core our North Waziristan people.” The Senator said that Qadri’s workers involved in chaos and torture on security personnel would be brought to book.
He said Qadri has introduced new kind of terrorism adding that government would deal with this “imported terrorism” with iron hand. “Mr. Qadri has introduced a new kind of terrorism, it’s an attempt to divert our attention and save cruel militants, but we will fight both the forms of terrorism,” he added.

He said brave Pakistan army fighting against terrorism in Waziristan but Qadri wanted to divert attention from Zarb-e-Azb to his own publicity. The minister appealed the nation to come out for help of IDPs.
“Besides taking care of IDPs, the government will capture those who staged drama in Lahore and Islamabad and created unrest,” he affirmed.