As expected, the government’s graceless, clambering actions to prevent Tahir-ul-Qadri from entering the Capital have granted greater strength to his words. Though it is perhaps a little exaggerated to dub the diverting of his plane as an act of terrorism by the government, at this point, as all lights and cameras shine on the good Doctor’s face, anything he says will be treated with glorified credibility- and the government has only itself to blame. As television advertisements sponsored by the Punjab government flashed across the nation’s screens in preparation of his arrival, and as the government desperately tried to pre-empt any criticism of itself, it was hard to believe that anybody on God’s green earth could have a more inflated opinion of Dr. Qadri than Dr. Qadri himself. Apparently, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif does. At least they have that one thing in common.

Diverting the civilian aircraft upon which the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) leader arrived into the country was unacceptable. Not only was it baseless, ill-thought out and an enormous inconvenience to travellers, it further exposed a lack of coherency and clarity , and threw Lahore into chaos. Qadri’s self-imprisonment in the airplane and repeated demands to be escorted by the army as the city writhed in uncertainty outside was a familiar move. Last year, he was catapulted to national and international fame by the same kind of thing; he cocooned himself comfortably inside a container, while his supporters spent days braving storms outside at D- Chowk, Islamabad, to heed his calls for revolution. But what will this revolution be? Will Qadri, “The Allama,” holder of answers and Canadian nationality be the man to bring it? Will the government stand by, making mess after mess proceeding the brutal tragedy in Model Town, to dig itself a bigger hole? And what is it exactly, that inspires such fervour in his supporters? Is there a bigger game being played here; bigger than Qadri is? It would not be difficult to believe seeing as the government is reacting far too strongly to the advances of a man who proved ultimately harmless in his demands for a similar-style revolution just a year ago. Only time, it seems, will tell.