Islamabad- Pakistan addressed the allegations meted out by senior Afghan officials regarding Pakistani troops conducting attacks in the Kunar Province with the following claim: “We reject these baseless allegations.”

Pakistan claims that its armed forces have been repeatedly attacked by terrorists operating in the Afghan territory. The troops simply retaliate in self-defence while ensuring maximum restraint and responsibility.

Foreign office (FO) spokesman further stated that the Afghan government, for its part, was expected to refrain from taking any action that might be detrimental to peace and stability on the border.

Pakistan is engaged in a major effort to address the scourge of terrorism. It is believed the unfounded allegations from Afghanistan not only vitiate the environment but also serve to undermine the efforts for constructive engagement between the two countries.

According to FO, in Pakistan’s case, “We will neither be deterred from addressing the challenges at hand, nor from building a friendly and cooperative relationship with the people of Afghanistan.”