LAHORE-Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Siraj ul Haq, has strongly protested over the poor official arrangements for the food supply and lodging of the IDPs affected by the North Waziristan operation.
He has called upon the government to evaluate its foreign and internal policies again as national interests and the sentiments of the masses are attached to it. He also called for paying Rs.50,000 per person, and added that the payment of mere Rs. 7,500 per family was making a fun of the affected people’s distress.
In a statement issued from Al-Markaz Peshawar today, he said that the about half a million IDPs were running from pillar to post in the present oppressive heat while the authorities were least bothered.
He said the federal government was fully aware that there would be a large influx of the IDPs because of the North Waziristan operation and suitable arrangements should have been made before time. He said that resentment was growing among the tribal people in the present situation.
He also appealed to the welfare bodies and philanthropists to come forward for the help of the IDPs as the government had allocated a small amount for the purpose.