Lahore- Former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah said today that the Model Town tragedy was neither a planned action nor a conspiracy.
Speaking to media persons here, Rana reiterated that he would be proved innocent in the Model Town incident .
PML-N key leader said that he would appear before the judicial commission and be acquitted as he played no role in the sad incident . He said after his resignation, commission would proceed more fairly adding that he believes in the commission credibility and would accept its finding. Ex-minister said Qadri’s allegation for direct fire from police was not true as authorities had engaged Minhaj-ul-Quran officials to resolve barrier issue with negotiation. He said providing justice to every citizen was a top agenda in manifesto of his party and in Model Town incident the culprits would be brought to justice. Rana said Gullu Butt and Riaz Babar have nothing to do with PML-N and would be punished for their wrong deeds in accordance the constitution.