ISLAMABAD - The opposition parties on Monday strongly criticized the government’s decision of diverting Tahirul Qadri’s plane to Lahore, saying the ruling clique with its mishandling made a mountain out of molehill.
The matter of Qadri’s arrival in Pakistan could have been dealt in an amicable way, but height of mismanagement made the situation even worse.
“It could have been dealt even in a much better way but mishandling was seen on the part of the government,” said PPP senior lawmaker Raza Rabbani, commenting on the PMl-N government move to divert the plane destination from Islamabad to Lahore.
PPP, Rabbani said, in his government had dealt the situation with a better way. “Our government had also faced such situation but got through in an amicable way,” said Rabbani.
Having almost same views, MQM said the government should deal this situation in a democratic way. “It could have been handled easily as the successive governments had dealt this situation,” said a spokesman of MQM.
Another opposition party member from ANP has asked Interior Minister Nisar Ali to resign on his mishandling of this incident.
“How they will handle any real disaster, as in this minor case they have lost their senses,” said the ANP leader.