ISLAMABAD - The CNG stations of twin cities remained closed on Monday due to the expected arrival of PAT leader Tahir ul Qadri at Islamabad airport, irking motorists who were waiting for three days to get their cylinders filled.
According to the SNGPL load management plan, the CNG stations remain open for two days - Thursday and Monday - a week in the twin cities.
Motorists , especially public transport queued in front of gas stations from Sunday night to get the CNG when stations open at 6am on Monday.
But they were disappointed when they came to know at the morning that CNG stations will remain close on Monday due to Qadri’s arrival and will be operational on Tuesday.
Not only the early birds but also this change in schedule was shock for motorists who arrived later and were not having sufficient money in their pockets in the last days of the month.
“This is last week of the month, I have only 500 rupees in my pocket, which I planned to spend on CNG, but now there is no CNG, 500 rupees petrol will not take me anywhere, as there are diversions every where”, Irfan Raza, a motorist at I-9 CNG Station, said.
The residents were of the view that the government should come with a permanent solution for the security of the capital instead of taking knee-jerk reactions.
“The Capital has been a hub of political activities for the last many years, and whenever there is a political activity, roads are closed, CNG pumps are sealed, public transport disappears from roads, a common man is besieged in his house, said another resident Ghulam Qadir.
Due to the closure of CNG stations, the public transport was very thin on roads and commuters faced difficulties in reaching their destinations.
The CNG association official Pervaiz Khattak said the Petroleum Ministry, through SNGPL, has ordered for the closure of CNG stations on Monday will open today.
The SNGPL officials insisted that they had informed public about this decision through newspaper ads, but residents criticised the association and SNGPL.
“Where is the ad, I have not seen any in today’s paper, Petroleum Ministry, SNGPL and CNG association, they all are one, they don’t care about the sufferings of residents and whatever the association says it just abides by the decision”, Tahir Niaz, a motorist at Dhokri Chowk CNG station, expressed.