LAHORE - The future of the revolution plan of Dr Tahirul Qadri has become uncertain after his Monday’s comeback episode, though his allies are still hopeful.
Except for the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), which is an ally of Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT), no other party is ready to say if Dr Qadri will be able to carry forward his mission.
However, PML-Q and two leading political parties, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) and Jamat-i-Islami (JI) are of the opinion that the possibility of midterm elections could not be ruled out if the government fails in reforming the electoral system and solving other major problems facing the country.
JI chief Sirajul Haq expressing his opinion over Dr Qadri’s comeback to bring a revolution said, “Perhaps, the government itself is advancing Qadri’s agenda, as the rulers have lost their nerves and are making one mistake after the other.”
“The JI wants the incumbent government to complete its term and the continuation of the democratic institutions. However, the elected government should stop pursuing dictatorial attitude which is counterproductive for the democracy,” Siraj said. He added, “The government has mishandled the situation as no heavens would have fallen if the PAT chief was allowed to land in Islamabad.”
PTI senior leader Arif Alvi sharing his views said, “I don’t know whether Dr Qadri will be able to bring about a revolution or not, however I know one thing for sure that government may not sustain for long if it fails to reform the electoral system, especially following the PTI demand for vote verification in at least four constituencies.”
PTI veteran leader said, “PTI has no plan to forge an alliance with PAT and its allied political parties, as we both pursue our different programmes except one commonality of demanding reforms in the electoral process. He said, “PTI wants that the sitting government complete its term and we oppose any unconstitutional step but the rulers should mend their ways to avoid any damage to democracy.”
Arif observed, “The PML-N top leadership has not learnt anything from plane diversion episode of 1999 and pursued the same line of action. He remarked, “The government has created multiple opportunities for Dr Qadri to stage his shows in the federal and provincial capital at the same time for not allowing him to land in Islamabad.”
Kamil Ali Agha, central spokesman of PML-Q, when contacted said, “Dr Qadri’s comeback is a big leap towards the revolution under the joint efforts of an upcoming grand political alliance.” He said, “The grand political coalition will possibly take a shape by the end of August which will lead the country towards a revolution for real change.”
The leader of PML-Q, which is an ally of PAT, remarked, “We are not demanding midterm polls. We are demanding implementation of our 10-point reform agenda. The demand for midterm elections can be made if the government fails to bring these reforms.” He said, “Sunni Ittehad Council, Sunni Tehreek, Awami Muslim League and Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen have already joined hands with them for change, while more parties will join us after Eid.”
Kamil observed, “The unnerved rulers had created 15 events for Dr Qadri instead of one by denying him landing at Islamabad. He added that diversion of airplanes was hobby of the incumbent rulers and they diverted a plane in 1999 but learnt no lesson from that episode.”