The first-ever computerised Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS) centre in Tehsil Noorpur Thal became operational and started issuing digital land data to owners of different areas in the tehsil.

According to reliable sources, the land record of 87 villages of the Thal is being computerized, the 50 per cent work has completed in this regard. The computerization process had been in progress under the supervision of Khushab DCO Ziaur Rehman and was being reviewed by Sargodha Divisional Commissioner on the directions of Punjab Chief Ministers Shahbaz Sharif to motivate the officials deputed for the purpose so that they could speed up the task. District Computerization Land Record Centre In-charge Rana Khurram Shehzad told this scribe that the Punjab government had started the project with a view to improving service delivery and enhancing the perceived level of tenure security. A project management unit had also been formed under the administrative control of the Punjab Board of Revenue, he added. Giving details about the working, he said the main objective of initiating the system was to provide the public with an increased access to land records at lower transaction cost.

, through a client-responsive service, increased security of land titles and collateral value of land to help boost the economic activity. As a result, the people would get rid of the patwari mafia and fard (i.e. copy of record of rights) would be issued in less than 30 minutes and attestation of mutation within less than 50 minutes, he maintained.