The Pak-China Economic Corridor will connect Gwadar to Kashgar through highways, railway tracks and oil and gas pipelines. The shortest and the nearest route will go via Panjgur, Kalat, Zhob, D I Khan, Swat and then to Kashgar. This route covers those areas in Balochistan and KP that have seen the least development since independence. However, there are reports that the government is planning some modifications to the original route and run it along Karachi, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad and then to Kashgar.

This should not be done at the cost of the people of Baluchistan who are the biggest stakeholders in this project. The people of Gwadar have been living in abject poverty. The city has old infrastructure and roads are mostly unpaved and dirty. The literacy rate is 25 percent and there is only one college that caters to boys and girls. And the less said about health facilities, the better. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif represents the whole of Pakistan and he should treat people of all provinces equally.


Karachi, May 13.