Indeed, democracy and economy go together but the people of Pakistan are still in search of both. Our ruling elite publicly and loudly claim that there is democracy in Pakistan but like many others, I also hesitate to accept this explanation that there is democracy in Pakistan. Had there been genuine democracy, there would have been quality of life, economic development and improvement in the country. Our present rulers make tall claims of what they call Economic Growth but what is the use of economic growth and development without social progress. Don’t they see that millions of people live in abject poverty in this country, in particular, in Sindh province?

However, it is fair to say that we have democracy and economy but for a privileged few, who are born to rule and reap the benefits of rising abundance in this country. When a vast majority of poor people do not benefit from the so called democracy and development, how can I believe that we live in a democratic country?


Islamabad, June 11.