ISLAMABAD - World kick boxing champion Syed Haider Mannan became the first Pakistani-British national who was conferred on Hall of Fame (Fighting Sprit Award).

Talking to The Nation from UK, Haider said: “I was the first Pakistani British Asian who was nominated and awarded the hall of fame. The function, which was arranged by Tyga International who's chairman Gary Wasniewski is world's most famous martial arts fighter and No 1 kicker in the world, held at Copthorne Tara Hotel Kensington Place, London.

“It is a great honor not only for me but also for entire Pakistani community. It is a proof of my abilities, hard work, dedication and sincerity with sports. I am grateful to the organisers, who conferred this award and let me assure that I will keep on raising green flag high and continue to show my skills and win medals, even at 55,” he added.

Haider said: “I am deeply disappointed with the attitude of PSB DG Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera. I spent a lot of days in Islamabad hoping my kickboxing association would be granted affiliation by the PSB, but despite wasting so many precious days nothing was done practically. I need nothing as God has given me everything, but I just wanted to do something for my country.

“I spent around a month in Karachi, established camp there and picked six brilliant players out of it, who will represent Pakistan in world kickboxing championship in Portugal in November this year. I came to Islamabad with same purpose of finding six or more players to take them for the prestigious event, but no heed was paid to my request. I was given lucrative offers and incentives to represent England but I never even think about shunning Pakistani flag and carry forward Union Jack,” he added.

Haider said for PSB and IPC ministry, all his loyalties were not enough. “I want to fulfill my dream of preparing Pakistani players for the mega event. I left Pakistan with heavy heart due to PSB and IPC ministry’ rough ride but after returning UK, close friends and people in Pakistan remained in constant touch and kept on urging me to rethink my stance. I once again postponed my plans and ready to offer my services for my country. I have deposited huge amount from my personal pocket to arrange visas and tickets for Pakistani players for World Kickboxing Championship.

“But the main thing is that I want to start training camp in Karachi and then in Islamabad and for this purpose, I need funds and PSB’s cooperation. I request government, IPC Minister, PSB DG to lend a helping hand to me. It is my promise I will not disappoint them and my students will win return with medals.

“I request Malik Riaz and others to step forward and help me in fulfilling my dream of giving Pakistan international champions. I hope my requests will not fall on deaf ears and someone will surely come forward to help these kids fulfill their dreams,” Haider concluded.