LAHORE - The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has welcomed the suspension of executions in Ramazan and called for an unbiased assessment of a general resumption of hangings.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, HRCP said: “The Commission welcomes the government decision to stop executions ‘in reverence for the Holy month of Ramadan and human dignity’. The fasting month should perhaps also be an occasion to take stock of the losses and also gains, if there have been any, following a generalised resumption of hangings.

“HRCP notes with grave concern that the president has rejected mercy petitions of 65 condemned prisoners, including a woman, Kaneezan Bibi, who is imprisoned in Lahore, paving the way for their execution once Ramazan ends. Media reports have quoted Prisons Department official as saying that she had not been executed so far because of her unstable mental condition and was said to be admitted to Mental Hospital. HRCP urges the government to review rejection of her mercy petition as Pakistan must not seek the ignominy of hanging a mentally challenged person.”