Islamabad - A number of Iftar ‘dastarkhawn’ have been organized by philanthropists at several places to provide free food to the fasting persons at Iftar time in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Iftar dastarkhawans have been set up at G-9, I-8, I-10, G-7 and several other places in the Federal Capital while such facility is available at Saddar, Peshawar Road, Faizabad etc in Rawalpindi.

A large number of poor people besides commuters and passers-by avail the facility of free Iftar.

The tradition of free Iftar is now becoming more popular as a number of new individuals and organization are coming forward to provide free food to people without discrimination of cast and creed and financial status.

The poor and needy of the twin cities will continue to benefit from Iftar Dastarkhwans during the entire month of Ramazan.

Although the price-hike is disturbing everyone but volunteers and philanthropists do not ignore their norm of hospitality especially in the holy month of Ramazan and continued arranging the voluntarily Iftar, Dastarkhwans to facilitate the passengers and deprived citizens in the city.

Ahmed Ali a volunteer said he started Iftar dastarkhawn for the commuters and ordinary people since the last two years on daily basis.

He said the area residents and his fellows have decided to contribute for daily Iftar dastarkhwan during Ramazan in 2007, and since then, the tradition has been continuing. He said that they have established a committee of youths and elders of the area to look after the arrangements of Iftar Dastarkhwan, adding that Iftar was arranged for more than 400 persons on daily basis.

The twin cities are witnessed for hundreds of charity-based Iftar Dastarkhwans along with major roads and markets. Such Dastarkhwans are set up regularly.