Citizens have expressed their grave concern over the insanitary conditions prevailed in the city and have called upon the DCO and the TMA Administrator to direct sanitary staff particularly the In-charge sanitation to make a round of the city and supervise the scavengers for ensuring better hygienic conditions instead of sitting in the TMA air-conditioned room.

Most of the open drains are overflowing and in certain areas, stagnant water remained accumulated on roads, creating problems for the pedestrians.

The inhabitants of Darbar Road have protested against the apathetic attitude of the authorities concerned due to which sewage water often remains accumulated on road. The citizens are of the view that certain roads and main streets have become absolutely impassable for the pedestrians particularly the women and children.

The inhabitants of Housing Colony, Jinnah Chowk and Model Town have also called for improving the sanitary conditions in the localities which are littered with filth and garbage. Moreover, pye-dogs in these localities have also been creating danger to the pedestrians particularly in the nights which should be eliminated.

It has been observed that most of the sanitary staff has been deputed in and around Sasta Ramazan bazaars while most of the localities have been ignored altogether.