MIRPURKHAS - Irrigation authorities of Jamrao canal failed to control water theft from Mirpur minor through tempered water courses as result water was not reaching in water reservoirs of water supply scheme Siaal colony that cause of acute water shortage in various areas of the city since a month.

Landlords were involved in water theft as water courses have been tempered and after taking notice of acute shortage of water by divisional commissioner Mirpurkhas Shafique Ahmed Mahesar, assistant commissioner taluka Shujaabad Hafeez Leghari, in-charge water supply schemes Jawad Pathan and other staff of irrigation department officials and police arrived at the Mirpur minor and repaired the tempered water courses to ensure supply of water.

After 12 hours hectic efforts water for supply water was restored. Sources said that there were total 40 water courses on the above minor and mostly water courses were found tempered. When contacted Jawad Pathan, in-charge water supply scheme he said that Mirpur minor was closed under rotation programme on April 28, after which no water reached in water reservoirs of water supply scheme Siaal colony. However, few days back, after failure of irrigation department to stop water theft, they jointly repaired tempered water courses.

He said that there were two water reservoirs in this scheme and each water reservoir have capacity of 1 cror gallons while he added that daily 20 to 30 lakhs gallons water was supplied to the city from this scheme.

He said that due to no water many areas of the city were deprived of water supply since a month.

These areas include Rajar colony, Pak colony, Murtaza town, Ghosia colony, Nawab colony, Vegetable market, Chutto khaskhlei goth, Bashirabad, Lalchandabad, Gharibabad, Khad plot, Toorabad, Dholanabad, Adam town, Hirabad, Mir Ka plot, Jamnadas colony etc.

He regretted that influential landlords of Mirpur minor have tempered their water courses again to their cultivated crops. XEN irrigation Jamrao division was not available to comment.