According to news of 09 June, a lineman was electrocuted while working in Alipur in Muzaffargarh district. Such fatal accidents are quite common among the employees of electricity companies, because they do not observe the dress-code while working. They do not avoid the code deliberately but they are not provided with proper equipment. These WAPDA-descended electricity companies are bound to observe the WAPDA safety motto.

We the residents of Chungi 6 in Muzaffargarh have 11kv lines passing over our houses. We have approached the MEPCO authorities umpteen times for their removal, but they always demand heavy fee which is beyond our resources. Recently a child while playing in the court yard threw the ball on the roof and heavy electric shock, from these overhead HT wires and is now in hospital fighting for his life. These lines are in fact redundant as alternate 11kv lines exist behind our houses running parallel. Yet MEPCO authorities are willing to remove them without exorbitant payment. We request the concerned authorities to order removal of 11kv lines from above our houses.


Muzaffargarh, June 10.