ISLAMABAD (PR) - Oil and Gas Development Company Limited has clarified a news headlined “Controversy on Nashpa gas field tender may lead to legal battle”, which was published in The Nation on June 19, 2015.

OGDCL said that the contents of news are completely devoid of facts and actual circumstances, and ‘OGDCL has reasons to believe that the news is speculative and motivated’.

ODGCL said that oil and gas development projects are established on the basis of technical and commercial considerations and not according to the desire or whims of any pressure group or union. Determination of specifications for the facilities and the mode of development are highly technical and intricate subjects and certainly cannot be dictated by populist slogans.

OGDCL obtained proposals for development of Nashpa Development project through competitive and open bidding processes and after necessary analysis and comparison, the option best suited to OGDCL in commercial terms will be finalized. It is unfortunate that interested parties in furtherance of their design and motive of personal enrichment are attempting to scandalize the process. It is being done to ensure an outcome of their choice.

The press release stated OGDCL will not allow any interested bidder to dictate its terms either for getting technically qualified or for obtaining contract at the price or terms of its choice. The company will also not succumb to any campaign or pressure in the award of contract. It is imperative to note that final economic analysis and third party verification of numbers is still underway. Since unsubstantiated and premature information is being fed to the media and therefore there is a serious need to discourage such tendencies; one way of avoiding such instances is by obtaining company’s version before publishing the story. If caution is not exercised, the natural outcome would be propagation of misinformation and confusion to the disadvantage of national institutions and economy.