LAHORE – The Pakistan Martial Arts Association (PMAA) International delegation visited the head office of Trust of Education and Development for Deserving Students (TEDDS) where PMAA president Anwar Mohiuddin gave a detailed presentation on Brazilian Ju-Jitsu to the TEDDS administrator and his team. Anwar said: "Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is a new and advance version of martial arts, which focuses on grappling and especia1ly on ground fighting and is brought to in its present shape by Brazilian legends Carlos Gracie and Helio Gracie. “Our mission is to promote Brazilian Ju-Jitsu simultaneously in Pakistan especially in educational institutes, he added.” Administrator TEDDS Group Captain (R) Anwar Ch pleased to work with PMAA. “We will impart Brazilian Ju-Jitsu training in all Trust School Campuses after summer vacations. Soon an MoU will be signed with the PMAA in this regard.” He was also presented PMAA souvenir by its president Anwar Mohiuddin, Babar Sohail and Aqeel Ur Rehman.