A: Click on that link, I want to see what this story is, it sounds interesting.

S: Oh look, another article that begins with short intro and is then devoted to posting selected tweets. It was fine when viral websites, tabloids and blogs did this, but this has started to spread to respectable newspapers and media channels.

A: What is so bad about twitter? You have an account and you are always tweeting cynical snide comments that you are awfully proud off. Are you angry because your tweets never get selected?

S: Firstly, my tweets are hilarious, secondly, I don’t like the fact that newspapers are letting go of the responsibility of making judgement and doing proper analysis; instead it is being offloaded to the public through tweets. By presenting contrasting tweets to showcase different sides of an arguments a news agency can say whatever it wants, even the basest of rumours and blatant propaganda but can always claim that it was representing someone else’s views.

A: I think it is excellent we are getting brazen and unedited views from the public, it is a nice change of pace from the holier-than-thou tone of many papers – it makes debates immediate and real. Moreover having two contrasting reactions to the same news presented in front of you can make you spot propaganda all the more easily. And as far as analysis and commentary is concerned, the news agencies do plenty of that too.

S: If it’s a change of pace you want, go to Twitter. I just feel that all that is needed are a few tweets and exaggerated writing to give the impression that the whole nation feels a specific thing when in reality, it is just those few people. It’s like listening to only a few voices in a crowded room and deciding what the room wants.