Contrary to popular belief, the ongoing holy month of Ramadan, is not all about fasting. There is a lot more to it. Ramadan is a special month in which we are instructed by God to keep ourselves away from all sorts of vices. Fasting not only means to starve but also to prevent ourselves from wrong doings.

We should try to give true meaning to this holy month by reciting the Quran and praying. For each act of goodness that we perform in this month, we are rewarded twice more than those in other months. It is a very spiritual month and by refraining from our desire of eating we become close to God.

By worshipping and fasting in this month we charge our batteries for driving the vehicle of life for the next whole year. It is the month for rebuilding our spiritual strength so we should take maximum advantage it as it is indeed a very special month. A large amount of reward is promised by God to those Muslims who spend this month in the way it should rightfully be spent. But along with the possibility of a great reward, there is the risk of a terrible loss. If a person passes this month carelessly then he is a fool as this month is the most sacred of all months and provides us an opportunity to wash away our sins.

“Anyone who fasts during this month with purity of belief and with expectation of a good reward (from his Creator), will have his previous sins forgiven,” said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The purpose of this month is to rid man of those habits which he developed over the past year. It is a month that prepares a person for the remaining eleven months by teaching him discipline and self-control. So God has forbidden some natural desires of man, like eating and drinking, during this month. If a person can control these desires – which are permissible – during this month, then he can surely keep himself from other desires which are not permissible throughout the remaining months.

Thus, this blessed month has been given to us by God so that we can develop a closer connection with him. This is possible by performing acts of worship and reaping the rewards that God has promised.

A person who has been granted the privilege of Ramadan, can surely earn his or her paradise by availing this opportunity to get closer to God by spending this month as directed by Him. By doing so they will not only reform themselves but will also be forgiven by God for their previous sins, and prepare them for the coming year.