Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Wasim Akhtar expressed concern over the annual report issued by the US on terrorism in which it was stated that Al Qaida, Haqqani Network, Tehreek-e-Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are still active in Pakistan.

He said that the US report was aimed to intensify terrorism in Pakistan. He added that the biggest terrorist in the world is America which has sabotaged the peace of the whole world especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan where hundreds of thousands of people had been killed in the name of war on terrorism but the United Nations and human rights organisations, which claims to be the peace makers and humanitarian, did not moved even by an inch.

He said that time has come for the Muslims to get united against the non-Muslim conspiracies as America, Israel and India are promoting terrorism throughout the world including South Asia. He questioned the presence of around one dozen Indian consulates at Pak-Afghan borders.

“The government should immediately come out of the so-called war on terror to concentrate on the national welfare. There is a need to review the interior policies of current government,” he said. He further said that it had been motive of Jamaat-e-Islami from the day one that the role of America should be finished to eliminate any kind of terrorism in the country. Raymond Davis Network and Raw are spreading anarchy in Pakistan along with nurturing terrorism; and without eliminating such networks, peace could never be restored in Pakistan, he said.

ALTRUISTIC HELP FOR DESERVING POOR CLAIMED: Flah-e-Insaniyat Foundation Chairman Hafiz Abdul Rauf said that one-month ration will be distributed to more than 50,000 families during Ramazan.

In Indonesia, he added, more than 100 shelters had been established for Rohingya Muslims initially and food items to 3,600 people were distributed daily. Non-profit organizations like Save the Children are threat to the sovereignty of the country, he said.

Addressing an Iftar dinner, he noted that a rescue centre after every 50 kilometre is being established there. He said that its organisation was establishing ambulances and water rescue network throughout Pakistan in each district, especially the areas where healthcare was not available and they are deprived of government’s attention.

Jamaatud Dawa was building the web of relief activities in these areas; if any fire incident or any other incident took place, its rescue teams immediately reach the spot for rescue activities, he said.

Similarly, motor boats are sent to flooded areas every year, he said and added that for the last few years, Pakistan was faced with India’s continuous water brutality in the shape of flood. India has established a dam in Jammu Kashmir illegally to create water crisis in Pakistan. As a result, Pakistan’s trade and industries get hurt, he said. However in rainy season, water is released from dams so that flood situation in Pakistan can be created, he said.

Jamaatud Dawa with the grace of Allah Almighty helps the humanity in natural disasters like flood and earthquakes, he said. He added that thousands of youngsters participate in the relief activities throughout the country while more than 1,000 volunteers are being prepared for rescue activities in case of flood, earthquake and fire incidents.