What an irony to see billionaires reciting poetry of revolutionaries, men who travel only by chartered aircraft, living in palatial houses spread over acres, shedding crocodile tears for those who do not have even a tent, to protect them from summer touching 43 C, with no clean drinking water to quench their thirst.

In this battle between beneficiaries of Offshore Account holders there will be many losers, prominent amongst them are poor people of Pakistan whose economy is being ruthlessly bled of last drops of blood, the ever expanding columns of unemployed masses, whilst winners are Western economies which are being rejuvenated by steady flow of finances from Third World corrupt countries like Pakistan and mafias of land grabbers and criminal economy which use same channel for financing and money laundering.

For them Pakistan is ideal safe haven where they can plunder without any fear and perhaps one of few countries where individuals are free to transfer their tax evaded incomes to foreign countries, because almost every state financial regulatory body, including office of Auditor General is headed and dominated by dual nationals whose families live abroad and all their earnings, legal or illegal, are remitted to build their assets abroad and sustain luxurious lifestyles of their families who live there.


Sukkur, May 1.