Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is going to take stern action against ongoing developments and sale/purchase in Ghauri Town, which is one of the major illegal housing societies in the federal capital.

It was decided by city managers to first advise the citizens to not make investments in said housing society through publication of public notices in national dailies and in furtherance of these notices, a direct action is on cards against its management.

However, CDA is now planning to seal all the offices of real estate agents working in the locality, which are involved in sale and purchase of plots in Ghauri Town. The operation will be carried out in all phases of Ghauri Town, Rehman Residencia, Akbar Enclave, and JS block situated on main Islamabad Highway and Lehtrar road.

Ghauri Town was developed in the last 15 years, during which the CDA did not make an effort to stop the illegal development. However, the civic agency sealed the society’s offices last June, only to unseal them a few weeks later.

The society management had submitted an undertaking that the society will be submitting the requisite documents in 90 days. These also include provisions and layout plans for amenity plots etc but after passing a year it is still waited by city managers.

Those who have purchased plots and houses in Ghauri Town are facing problems with obtaining utility connections, which are being denied to them due to the CDA’s request.

These include the installation of new electricity metres and Sui gas connections. Like many other illegal housing societies, residents of Ghauri Town does not have all amenities such as a graveyard, school, green areas and a play ground, which are a pre-requisite for any housing society.

The residents were of the view that it is not their fault. They alleged further that the illegal housing society was launched in connivance with CDA and now that when hundreds of houses have been built, the CDA decides to remove electricity and gas connections in the society.

“Where was the civic body when the management of housing society was cheating middle class segment of society by selling the plots with promises to provide all facilities i.e. graveyard, schools and post office?”, an angry resident Hasnain Abbasi asked the Nation, adding: “The management has earned billions and now CDA is creating problems for common citizens.”

When contacted, the Director Regional Planning CDA Arshad Chohan confirmed the move and told: “We have decided to take action against this housing society in particular while rest of the illegal constructions in the city will also be tackled strictly one after another.”

“We will seal all the offices of real estate agents, which will be found marketing illegal Ghauri Town and then takeover the whole scheme for its regularisation”, he added.

When questioned that who will bear the cost for provision of utilities and amenities in the housing scheme, if it would be taken by civic body, he responded: “We will charge the residents for these facilities because they will ultimately use the same once materialised”.     

Currently, over a hundred illegal housing societies are operating in federal capital and general public is forced to invest in these societies because the civic body has failed to cater to the growing housing needs.  

It is the need of hour to address this issue and take comprehensive step to not only curb illegal developments in the capital but to increase possibilities of affordable living for common men.