It is time NAB, judiciary and investigative agencies become proactive and start looking at basic causes leading to increase in woes of citizens who reside in Karachi Clifton Cantonment jurisdiction. When rules exist which restrict height of commercial and residential buildings than how come Karachi Clifton Cantonment Board members have given permission for exceeding these height restriction. These violations have taken place in biggest cosmopolitan city of Pakistan which is already facing acute water scarcity problems in addition to sanitation and drainage issues. Karachi faces an environmental disaster because of this nexus of corrupt elements in civic bodies, civil bureaucracy, regulatory agencies and provincial government. 

Clifton Cantonment Board executives including Vice Chairman and councilors need to be probed by NAB just like it has intervened in LDA, CDA etc. Most of these executives have conflicts of interest being involved in real estate business ventures, while holding elected posts in KCCB, which is basically a regulatory agency. The assets accumulated by these executives will astound NAB and make former DG LDA, Ahad Khawaja, look like a lame duck in comparison. Construction of extra stories is a burden on infrastructure laid down for provision of water, gas, electricity and water drainage etc. which has collapsed as a consequence. 


Karachi, May 28.