KARACHI : Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) here on Sunday arrested 20 suspects from Khokhrapar, Korangi Industrial Area, Saudabad, Model Colony, Gulistan-e-Johar, Awami Colony, Zaman Town and Defense area.

According to a statement the law enforcing agency in its action against criminals apprehended Hussain, Abdul Saqib alias Sunni, Mohammad Asif, Naeemuddin, Mohammad Zahid, Muhammad Hussain alias Mohsen, Abdul Rahman, Zuhib Hussain, Ahmad Zia, appearance, Mohammad Alamgir, Muhammad Adil, Abdul Naseem, Arsalan, Mohammad Yemen alias Langra, Numan Ahmed alias Rabbani, Mohammad Sajjad and Sher Ali.

They were said to be allegedly involved in robbery and different other street crimes in the above mentioned areas.

Nadeem Ahmed, said to be involved in drug trafficking, was arrested from the limits of Awami Colony and contraband drug was retrieved from his possession.

Weapons, ammunition and smuggled goods were said to be also recovered from other suspected criminals who were later handed over to the concerned area police for legal action.