ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority is going to literally chock the main road leading to the sector I-10 Markaz by relocating the water filtration plant on the edge of the Sohni Road.

Work on building of the new water filtration plant which is quite adjacent to the previous one, is underway at a fast pace as the sources claimed that the existing one would be dismantled allegedly to benefit owner of a recently-auctioned plot. Without bothering that the road-users would suffer due to public rush at the filtration plant, the CDA officials chose site for the new plant on the edge of the Sohni Road, the main artery of sector I-10 which not only connects the whole sector but also connects it with the sector I-9. Sources privy to the development told this scribe that the site had been chosen in haste to benefit the owner of the plot on rear side of the existing water filtration plant by giving the plot an additional passage on its Eastern side.

A passage would be carved out on the Eastern side of the plot east of the main IESCO office in sector I-10, according to the sources. Traffic jam in front of the water filtration plant has been a routine. The road-users have to suffer while possibility of a mishap always looms. But to the astonishment of the residents, the authorities have come almost 20 feet more towards the much busy road thus putting life of the residents at the risk of hitting the moving vehicles.

Abdullah Shakoor, a resident of the sector was astonished to see how the CDA had occupied the road to install water filtration plant. He was of the view that the authorities must take notice of the same and review their decision.

Shoulders on both sides of the roads have always been a part and parcel of the road, and engineers choose not to construct roads without shoulders even when the situation demands otherwise. However, this water filtration plant is quite strange planning on the part of the CDA authorities that could not be found elsewhere in the capital city.

On the other side, the CDA had constructed a water filtration plant on the edge of the playground in sector I-10/1 near Sheikh Market but it could not be made functional despite lapse of over one year. The building is there but there is no water connection to it. The indifference of the authorities is a reflection of how those at the helm of affairs have been wasting public money in the name of development projects that never become functional.