ISLAMABAD- Capital Development Authority in collaboration with Islamabad Capital Administration conducted massive anti-encroachment operations in different areas of the city on Sunday and demolished several illegal constructions and encroachments.

These operations were participated by staff of Enforcement Directorate, Islamabad Administration, and Islamabad Police while heavy machinery was used to demolish illegal constructions. Staff of Enforcement Directorate during conducted operation in Jaba Telee demolished two houses, five rooms and three boundary walls. Similarly, teams of Enforcement Directorate also demolished a huge boundary wall and removed several building material depot from the area near Sian Mirchu Shrine, Sector H-13.

Similarly, during another action, an illegally constructed boundary wall in Katchi Abadi sector G-6/2, two newly constructed rooms in Katchi Abadi sector G-7/4, one car shed near government residents in sector G-7/4 and constructions carried out by contractor near Edhi Home, Sector H-8 were demolished.

Staff of the Enforcement Directorate also removed encroachments from surrounds of Shifa International Hospital and sector I-11/4 and confiscated four trucks encroachment material which was later on shifted to Enforcement Store. Furthermore, an illegal animal shed in sector F-11 was also removed.