KARACHI   -   The Pakistan People’s Party on Sunday took out a rally in the city to protest against the heavy taxation in federal budget 2019-20 and what it called failed economic policies of the PTI-led government.

The rally led by the party’s Karachi chief Saeed Ghani, who also holds the portfolio of provincial minister for Local Bodies, was attended by large number of party leaders and activists from People’s Secretariat at Mazar-e-Quaid to Karachi Press Club.

Speaking during the rally, Ghani said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and its chairman is hostage at the hands of PTI but PPP would not be afraid for such high-handed tactics.

“The government could force arrest of any political leader but could not divert attention from its failed policies,” he said adding that the protest led by the party against hike in prices of commodities and IMF-led budget would continue unless the government is forced to withdraw it.

He said that the party was not afraid from arrest of its top leadership and would opt for legal and democratic ways within the parameters of constitution against it.

“This rally is the beginning of the movement against the government,” he said adding it would reach its peak when Bilawal Bhutto would address a public gathering in the city soon.

Ghani also demanded the coalition partner of PTI in federal government-MQM-P, to decide if its stands with the masses or anti-people budget. “The budget could not be passed without MQM-P support and now it is upto them to decide if they would support IMF budget that is aimed at suppressing masses,” he said.

He said that the PTI chairman Imran Khan promised to bring back looted money and collect $800 billion taxes but after coming into power he brought amnesty scheme to whiten Aleema Khan and his other associates black money.

The PPP leader said that the party leadership was only arrested to harras PPPP for refraining to speak against the anti-people budget. “Even if all the leadership of the party is arrested, we will not bow down and would ensure that the anti-people budget is not passed from the National Assembly,” he said.

The provincial minister said that the masses were already overburdened by hike in prices of electricity, gas and fuel charges and the government further want to break them down by imposing extra ordinary taxes in next budget.

He also condemned depriving people of their houses during anti-encroachment drive in the city and said that before demolishing housing structures, the affectees should have been given an alternate of it.

Sindh Assembly leads in legislation: Wahab

Adviser to Chief Minister on Information, Law & Anti-Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said the officers of law department have geared up efforts towards enhancing access to modern technique and new mechanism.

He was presiding over a conference regarding on “Interactive” on Sunday.

Secretary law Shariq Ahmed was also present on the occasion.  Wahab further said that the Sindh Assembly was the only assembly in Pakistan where a number of legislation had been passed and Sindh government working according to the law, rules & regulations. All legislation has been done according to the democratic way in the province of Sindh, he added.

Barrister Wahab further said in some cases we lacked legal problems due to these cases had been linger on and masses faced justice for long period. Wahab said that we made tremendous effort for awareness among the law department officers. If we will provide legal frame work / strong documentary proof / evidence will make the case strong.

He said that Sindh government departments send their documents for legal opinion, this is our prime responsibility to give them opinion according to existing rules and regulations, and also facilitate to the  concerned departments about the legal lackness of  the case because it is  fundamental responsibility of the law department.

At this occasion Prosecutor General Ayaz Tunio, solicitor and other law officers participated in conference and gave their legal opinion / expertise in the conference were also present.