Prime Minister Imran Khan has about half a dozen media representatives around him. Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan from Sialkot has been the latest addition to information and Broadcasting Ministry.

The pertinent question is where they are and what they are doing to project a positive image of the federal government. One fails to find any convincing strong-worded rebuttals from them to the hostile anti-government propaganda spread by the PPP and PML(N) leaders in the newspapers. Unnecessary preference is given to the electronic media over the print media, which is least productive and desirable.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has addressed the nation couple of days back around midnight. The broadcast was interrupted and caused a lot of confusion and doubts in the minds of the people at large. This gave the opposition another opportunity to hurl criticism on the Prime Minister. The situation should have been clarified quite emphatically by someone on behalf of the Prime Minister and the federal government. Those responsible for causing this interruption should also have been punished accordingly.

But no such clarification was given, and the people have been unwarrantedly kept in the dark. This was another failure on the part of Prime Minister’s media team. Who is going to check them?