ISLAMABAD-The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued Show Cause Notices to S.M. Food Makers Limited and Volka Food International Limited for deceptively copying the trademark/trade dress of various products of Ismail Industries Limited, , thus prima facie violating of Section 10 of the Competition Act. Ismail Industries Limited sent a formal complaint alleging that the S.M. Food Makers and Volka Food were fraudulently copying the trademark and packaging/labelling of its famous brands, Chili Mili, ABC Jelly, Yums, Chocolate Chip, Butter Scotch and Peanut Cookies. The CCP’s enquiry concluded that, prima facie, S.M. Food Makers was fraudulently using registered trademarks and packaging/labelling of the abovementioned products of Ismail Industries. Volka Food was also fraudulently using the trademarks and packaging/labelling of Chocolate Chip, a product of Ismail Industries product. These practices were potentially harming the business interest of Ismail Industries besides misleading the consumers.