ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started the process to complete balance work on dualisation of Service Road (North) from I-10 to I-11. 

The balance work will be completed with cost of Rs34,847,796. Tenders in this regard have been issued. Dualisation of the subject road is yet another project the incumbent CDA Administration is taking out of back burner. 

Work on dualisation of Service Road (North) was started in 2011 and had to be completed in 2012. The project anyhow lost focus of the successive CDA administrations for many years.

The incumbent CDA Administration which is following a comprehensive plan of action for development of stalled sectors and uplift of infrastructure in Islamabad decided to complete the project. Now tenders have been issued which will be open in the current week and after fulfilling codal formalities, work on the project will started.

The project on completion will facilitate the traffic coming from the Kashmir Highway, 9th Avenue and adjacent highways including I J Principal Road particularly for the transportation of the industrial material in industrial areas of sectors I-9 and I-10/3.