Some phases, some realities are so unwelcoming in our lives that it is hard to even look at them but we are compelled to accept them whole heartedly. That’s what we call a sensible approach towards life, one cannot turn a blind eye to things happening around him, we have to adapt ourselves as per the time being requirement. Each life has its own turmoil of events but at the moment every human being in this world is in a predicament that we all have to face together. Covid –19! For the sake of our own lives, we have to amend our living style patterns just till the time we get a better solution to a problem.

There are still people who think this pandemic as a joke especially in Pakistan. Those are not taking it seriously, my question to them is: what are they waiting for ? Are they waiting for Coronavirus to knock at their doors only then will they believe it? Our front-line workers e.g. police, medical health care workers, public servants and doctors are putting their lives at stake just to protect people. Our notable government departments i.e. Police department, Primary and secondary healthcare department and Punjab Food Authority are trying their best to extend all kind of protection to people. Punjab Food Authority even in this crucial time is raiding against adulteration mafia on daily just to ensure the provision of comfort to people in at least food matters.

We instead of helping our authorities and frontline workers are busy making life more hell for them. All we are asked to do is to stay safe, stay home and follow SOPs but we are failing them so badly. For your own lives’ sake please cooperate with them and adapt your life as per contemporary situation’s requirement before its too late and we are entangled into irreparable loses. Cooperate with the government and our respectable authorities.