ISLAMABAD           -         Chairman Green Inspire Foundation (GIF) Chaudhry Usman said that elderly people and those already suffering from serious diseases were the most vulnerable people. If they were protected against coronavirus, the impact of the pandemic would considerably reduce.

He appreciated the government for providing confidence to the donors about transparency of their donations with the launch of related apps and websites.

Ch Usman, at a press conference, raised an important point that all patients other than Covid-19 were facing a lot of difficulties in all hospitals of twin cities 

In this regard, he said, the GIF in coordination of federal and provincial government was going to launch a campaign to help medical staff of all hospitals in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. He said the hospital running under the GIF in Ghouri Town has been directed to work round the clock to help the patients. He said the GIF was taking positive steps to provide medicines and other relevant facilities without any charges.

Chaudhry Usman said a five-member committee has been formed headed by him to contact all executive officials of the hospitals of twin cities to make a solid plan to help and facilitate those patients suffering from any health issue other than Covid-19.