With the rising volume of cases in Pakistan, it should not come as a surprise that as many as ten cricketers of the Pakistan team have tested positive for COVID-19 before the upcoming tour of England. While this is distressing news for the concerned players as well as their fans who have been waiting eagerly to see them in action, it is nonetheless critical for the safety of everyone involved that strict screening is carried out and affected players be isolated and provided care. The PCB can adopt the model being followed in the football world, where tournaments are poised to return amidst strict protocols and testing regimes. While the board certainly has a role to play in ensuring the safety of players; it is ultimately up to the players to ensure that they comply with SOPs and guidelines in order to secure themselves.

It seems that the world is adjusting to the new reality posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as sports and other events are resuming under new sets of rules and frameworks. Teams will play now without the presence of roaring crowds that add to the drama of each event. The boys in green appear confident claiming that it is the English who will have a harder time adjusting to an empty stadium. But with so many Pakistani players testing positive, it is yet to be seen whether PCB will look to postpone the series or play on with a thinner squad.

It is hoped that the affected players recover soon and are able to return to the field where they belong. While their presence will be missed by colleagues, the Pakistani squad certainly has the depth to put up a serious fight against the English side even with the large number of positive cases. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to just get healthy players match fit once more. Rest assured, Pakistanis will be glued to their screens as always, cheering on their favourite team in the country.